Customer Service Charter

Our Mission

SGA Security dedicated to supporting sustainable safety and security for our customers and the community by providing the best security solutions founded in people, innovation and commitment to social responsibility.

Our Values

SGA Security will be a safe and secure place where employees feel proud and are empowered and dedicated to do a professional job. We serve all customers with quality, discipline, loyalty and integrity.

Our Commitment

SGA Security is committed to ensure that customers are always safe, satisfied and enjoy the best quality products and solutions through continuous innovative ideas that are geared to demonstrate customers value for money.


Our People

SGA Security strives to educate, train and empower our people in all matters security, health, safety and customer care to deliver excellent services and surpass customer expectations. SGA Security is a family-oriented company that genuinely cares and supports each customer whilst employee’s well-being is the number one priority. SGA Security staff are friendly, helpful, courteous, presentable and team players who assist our customers with their needs.

Our Service Standards

SGA Security has established service standards which drive the company towards meeting high demands of any dynamic market:

  • Reliability – SGA Security has invested in technology to enhance efficiency of Control Rooms that support personnel to quickly respond to customers.
  • Accountability – SGA Security complies with all laws and regulations of in the countries of operation and adhere to all terms and conditions agreed with customers.
  • Fairness – SGA Security processes all complaints and queries fairly and quickly.
  • Integrity and confidentiality – SGA Security does not tolerate behaviour that leads to doubt of one’s integrity and ability to respect and keep customers’ privacy.
  • Flexibility – SGA Security’s daily operational activities are designed to accommodate customer dynamism and unforeseeable needs or requirements.

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